Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Googly Eyed!

Have you ever googled yourself?  I have, and I'm not getting the results that I want.  I went through FIFTY pages of Indianapolis Wedding Photographers, and no Erica Salmon Photography.  Thanks to my "kickin' webmaster" I know that there are many reasons for this, some of which I know how to fix.  One of those is blogging about Indianapolis Wedding Photography (sorry, really, I am - this is going to happen again).  If you google Erica Salmon, I am on page 1!  That is really great considering that there is another Erica Salmon that has been on Good Morning America promoting her fantasy fashion something or another.  Pretty cool.  If you type in Erica Salmon Photography - I am right up there at the top.  Also cool, but . . . I kind of doubt that any potential customers will be browsing the web for photographers named Erica Salmon.  I guess it's a start.  I do have some patience.  I have children.

Another thing that has me googly eyed is Google Analytics.  This is the coolest stuff ever!!  I could get lost in all this information and forget about my Indianapolis Wedding Photography for weeks.  (I told you it would happen again).  This stuff will tell you who visited my sites, how long they stayed, what cities they live in, what pages in what order.  I wish it would give me names and address, but sadly it won't.  I was beginning to think that no one ever read my blog, because no one is following me, and no one ever makes any comments.  But analytics is telling on you my friends.  I know there are some of you out there.  So say hello, don't be shy.   Click that little comment box over there and drop me a line.  You could even follow me if you wanted to be really kind.  Let me get back to my Indianapolis Portrait and Wedding Photography business and stop trying to figure out who you are!  :)

P.S. Check out the Business card - coming soon

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