Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Grandpa!

A blog in pictures:
We went to a new State Park this weekend with my Dad for his birthday.  We had a really good time (right up until the end).  I was feeling pretty good on Saturday and got to take some cool pictures.  I've been shooting mostly people lately, so it was nice to take a few nature shots.

I still have to shoot some people!

This one was more about the grass than the person.

This park was near Lafayette.  It wasn't much for trees, but had a bunch of cool Prairie grasses.  It was nice for a change.

(BTW, I figured out how to put watermarks on my blog pictures and make them big enough to actually see, but not really obnoxious.  Aren't they cool?)

OK, back to the people

Jack and his new friend - Corrine I think it was.  On the "Trolly Ride"  (a hay ride without the hay.)

I seriously got this shot by telling her not to look at me.

Here it comes . . . Looks like fun

FYI that tube grandpa is standing next to is about 10 feet high (according to Jack).

Why it wasn't so fun at the end.

But he's a trooper.

And we all got cake.  Happy Birthday Grandpa!

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